IZ-239 Saiga .308Win 21.8" Barrel

  • Limited Edition
  • Saiga Sniper .308Win.
  • Russian Original AK Handguard with Gas Tube
  • Polymer Buttstock
  • Original Russian Built Rifle
  • 21.8" Chrome-Lined Barrel


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  • Sling Studs, Cleaning Tools, Manual, and two 8-rd Magazines

Technical Specifications:


Semi-auto rifle

21.8in. chrome-lined barrel

43in. overall length

Weight 8 lbs.

3-scale Adjustable Sight Leaf

polymer buttstock

AK-original polymer handguard and gas tube

Side-plate scope rail mount

two 8-rd. Magazines

7.62x51 caliber - .308Win




This rifle is a factory built Saiga Sniper Version. . The uniqueness of this model is the combination of various factors, that make it a great looking and performing tactical Saiga for long-range shooting. These features include a long 21.8" chrome lined barrel, Russian original AK-type polymer handguards and gas tube, and a polymer buttstock.


The Saiga rifles are developed at Izhmash factory by the father of AK-47 rifles Mikhail Kalashnikov. Saigas, therefore share most of its design with the world-famous AK-47 and basically are the AK’s hunting version. These rifles are intended for hunting big and medium-sized game under different climatic conditions. These rifles are brand new & come with 21.8 inch chrome lined barrels , side mount rail for mounting optics, 2 eight-round magazines. These are affordably priced Russian AK-47 design rifles and are legal in most states with Assault Weapon Ban in place.