IZ-433 Saiga 12 Shotgun - 030 type

  • New Model 030-type
  • AK-type Handguard
  • Magazine Well
  • Top Mounted Picatinny Rail
  • Automatic Bolt Hold Open, and Automatic Gas System
  • Great for further conversions


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  • Sling Studs, Cleaning Tools, Cleaning Brush, Cleaning Rod, Adjustment Wrench, Oil Bottle, Manual, and one 4 round Magazine

Technical Specifications:


Self Regulating Gas System

Magwell with last round bolt hold

19 in. Barrel Length

41 in. Overall Length

Weight - 7.80 lbs.

One 4 round magwell magazine

Adjustable rear sight





The Saiga-12 IZSL- 433 is a 030-type semi-automatic shotgun based on the famous design of standard Saiga IZ-109. The shotgun is equipped with a magazine guide (magwell) and an automatic last round bolt hold open device in order to help facilitate easy reloads and insertion of the magazine. It also has a self regulating gas system, which allows greater flexibility in the type of ammo used. The top cover features a Picatinny rail on top allowing various optical devices to be attached to aid in target aquisition. The top cover is also hinged to the rear sight block in order to provide the top-mounted Picatinny rail with the ability to hold zero. An adjustable rear notched sight and front sight post are also standard on the shotgun to assist in accurate firing when no optical device is affixed.